This is a website you can go to to make a public bug listing for many MS products. Recently I made one about SQL. Here’s the scenario

Install SQL 14 SP1 or SP2 media from MSDN as an FCI with reFS disks.

The installer basically does not let you get pask picking clustered disks and it screams at you that a bunch of mount points are invalid. This was annoying. We got around it by using one NTFS base drive (e:) and then moving databases and hanging mount points and adding reFS drive letters after the fact. I opened a connect item here:


Microsoft responded and said it’d be fixed in an upcoming SP for SQL 14 (sp3 I presume). Pretty cool stuff. Connect can be an interesting place to browse, you can upvote bugs for other people to gain visibility or see if other people are running into issues that you have found.

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